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Symbolizer for area / polygonal geometries that fill consists of a color and opacity.

>>> Fill('#ff0000', 0.5)

The color argument may also be specified as either a well known name or as an rgb tuple.

>>> fill = Fill('red')
>>> fill = Fill((255,0,0))
hatch(name, stroke=None, size=None)

Composes this fill with a hatch pattern.

The name argument is the well known name of the hatch pattern. See Hatch for the list of supported names.

The stroke and size argument specify the Stroke and size to use for the hatch pattern respectively.

>>> fill = Fill().hatch('slash')
icon(url, format=None, size=None)

Composes this fill as an Icon.

The url argument is the url/file containing the image. The format argument is the format or mime type of the image.

>>> fill = Fill().icon('work/colorblocks.png', 'image/png')