package render

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Type Members

  1. trait Context[T] extends AnyRef

  2. case class Direct(graphics: Graphics2D, window: Rectangle) extends Context[Unit] with Product with Serializable

  3. type MapContent =

  4. type MapLayer = Layer

  5. case class Raster(area: Rectangle) extends Context[BufferedImage] with Product with Serializable

  6. trait Renderable extends (Graphics2D, Rectangle) ⇒ Unit

  7. trait Stylable[T] extends AnyRef

Value Members

  1. implicit object CoverageIsStylable extends Stylable[GridCoverage2D]

  2. def GIF[T](sink: Sink[T], window: Rectangle): Context[T]

  3. def JPEG[T](sink: Sink[T], window: Rectangle): Context[T]

  4. implicit object LayerIsStylable extends Stylable[Layer]

  5. def MapLayer[T](t: T, style: Style)(implicit arg0: Stylable[T]): MapLayer

  6. def PDF[T](sink: Sink[T], pageDimensions: (Float, Float), dpi: Float): Context[T]

  7. def PNG[T](sink: Sink[T], window: (Int, Int)): Context[T]

  8. object Renderable

  9. object Viewport

  10. def emptyMapContent:

  11. def render(bounds: ReferencedEnvelope, content: Seq[MapLayer]): Renderable

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